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Dejavoo Contactless Terminals Make Payments Fast and Secure

MIAMI, FL, SEPTEMBER 4, 2012: Unified Payments™ and DejavooSM Systems are pleased to announce that new point-of-sale terminals based on the V Series POS product line are now shipping for both the Unified Payments line of business and their Process Pink brand — the payment transaction business unit that has a longstanding and exclusive fundraising relationship with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These specially configured state-of-the-art V8 units from Dejavoo Systems have traditional swipe capability as well as EMV, Contactless (RFID), and Dual-Communication capability.

For merchants interested in quick-turn commerce and for customers on-the-run, the V8 is fully capable of accepting tap and go transactions from EMV and Non EMV RFID cards – as well as traditional magnetic stripe cards while maintaining the highest degree of security available. Boasting an array of installer and merchant friendly features and capabilities, these versatile terminals address real business challenges faced every day. Fully flexible reporting lets users get the information they need – how they need it – which makes the merchant’s transition to the V8 easy. Plus, once custom formats are created they can be saved and run with the touch of a button.

“Having technologically superior and visually striking terminals to process payments is important for all of our merchants, but of even greater importance for our Process Pink Payments brand because the terminal’s pink body and signature logo lets the customer know that their transaction is facilitating a contribution to the National Breast Cancer Foundation”, said Oleg Firer, Unified Payments Executive Chairman. Mr. Firer added, “The V8 terminal platform also gives us a richer set of features, a robust design and significant cost savings associated with supporting the devices – all of which contribute to our ability to lower processing costs for our customers.”

The full onboard user guide presents complete product information and guides operators every step of the way. No more misplaced manuals that frustrate merchants and generate unnecessary service calls. And because even the best terminal can’t transmit if both the IP and/or dial connections are down, the Store & Forward feature means that transactions can continue at a unrestricted pace. This eliminates the inconvenience of “cash only” sales or having to manually write down card numbers – a security and efficiency nightmare! The USB port connection makes it possible to complete downloads and installations in under a minute. Updates can be implemented by merchants via a mailed thumb drive or a quick on-site visit.

Businesses that want to build relationships and grow sales can use the V8 terminal to establish their own “card-free” fully customized customer loyalty program. By using enhanced points offerings, they can promote more traffic on the days of their choice, or print earned discount coupons that improve customer retention. For service and retail businesses looking to eliminate those awkward moments associated with tipping, the V8’s presale ticket function prints a dummy receipt with the charge amount and a customer “fill-in” for tips. This forever ends the uncomfortable dialog asking if the customer wants to put the tip on the card used for payment. If the customer wants to tip multiple people, that can be processed as well.

“The associations announced mandates for increase security and shifting liability to merchants unless they maintain the highest security level in their terminals to include Contactless (RFID) readers for EMV cards. Contactless (RFID) cards facilitates a bridge to new generation Credit Cards with Improved Secure Access Module or “SAM” that facilitate “Chip and Pin” and “Tap and Go” programs like other world markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America which is secure and a more efficient method of electronic payments”, say Mr. Mony Zenou, Dejavoo President and CEO. Mr. Zenou adds, “We are also preparing for Near Field Communication (NFC) readers which will accept mobile payment apps under development such as Google Wallet and ISIS which we believe will be commercially available to Tier 4 (“Mom & Pop”) merchants early next year. We are in final phases of our NFC reader certification and expect it to be inter-changeable with current Vega RFID contactless readers to accept both standards. We are extremely pleased that these terminals serve as a core solution for Unified Payments as part of their worldwide upgrade initiative to deliver the latest PCI security enhancements.”

Product Specifications:

  • IP and Dial communication ports
  • EMV 4.0 L1 and L2 Certified
  • Built in Contactless RFID Reader
  • 64 MB Memory
  • Store & Forward
  • Secure Internal PIN Pad
  • Up to 20 Programmable Hot Keys
  • PCI PED 2.x Certified
  • 32 bit high-speed secure microprocessor
  • Powered by Linux based OS and SQLite database
  • Graphical liquid crystal display with backlight

About Unified Payments:

Unified Payments, LLC ("Unified Payments"), has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #1 fastest growing private company in America for 2012 and is a leading socially responsible provider of payment processing services to small, medium, and large-size merchants. Unified Payments provides comprehensive turnkey, payment-processing solutions to merchants across the United States. By utilizing the products and services offered by Unified Payments, merchants are able to accept both traditional card present and non-card present payments, as well as other forms of cashless payments such as prepaid cards, gift cards and other forms of non-cash payments.

About Dejavoo Systems: Smart Solutions for Intelligent Companies:

Dejavoo Systems is a U.S. value added reseller and a developer of next generation point-of-sale (POS) devices targeting desk top and handheld wireless POS terminals and secure applications, related programs, systems and services. Dejavoo considers transaction switching, processing and value added services as its core and necessary components in its goal to provide ISO's and Merchants with an improved cost effective, and revenue generating solutions. Dejavoo Systems is a comprehensive, end-to-end electronic payment provider built on 20 years’ experience of its management in the Western Hemisphere territory. Our unrivaled and on-going connectivity enables our customers to rethink transactions for today and be innovative with tomorrow's technology. For more information about Dejavoo Systems, visit www.dejavoosystems.com or call Dejavoo Sales at 1(877) 358-6797 Option #3.