Pay at the Pump

Enhance your Pay at the Pump experience.
When driving up to a gas station, consumers expect the ability to pay-at-the-pump for their fuel or else they may choose another fuel station. Gas station owners which offer consumers the ability to pay-at-the-pump have an advantage in expanding their customer base, increasing customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue.

Pay at the Pump Solutions

Pay at the Pump is a system used at gas stations where customers can pay for their fuel by inserting a credit or debit card into a slot at the pump, bypassing the requirement to make the transaction with the station attendant or to walk away from one's vehicle.

The system was first used in the USA by Mobil in 1986. The system allows customers the convenience of not having to walk far from their vehicle, wait in line, or wait for the human station attendant to process the transaction. It also provides the attendants the advantage of being able to tend to other duties rather than being busy with customers.

Your Success is Our Success

With your competitors constantly trying to gain your market share, it is necessary that you process your customer's credit and debit card payments with fast approval times, reliable service and competitive rates. By accepting all major credit cards, debit cards and fuel cards such as Voyager, Wright Express and Fleet One, at the pump your business will meet the needs of your customer base.

There are many benefits to allowing Petro Pay to set up your Pay at The Pump payments account, below are just a few:

  • Get help 24/7. Petro Pay supports its merchants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • View your account activity online. Merchants have access to a dedicated Web site that allows them to access all merchant account information 24/7 in real time.
  • Get technical help for your equipment. Our POS Help Desk answers questions about merchants' point-of-sale (POS) processing equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fast credit and debit authorizations. The processing platform that is used is one of the fastest and most dependable networks in the industry.

Numerous Pay-at-the-Pump and Stand-Alone Terminal Options

Petro Pay supports numerous hardware and software configurations at the point of sale, including many of the most popular pay-at-the-pump, convenience store (c-store) and standalone terminals. In many cases, your merchants' current equipment may be compliant with Petro Pay.

Think Your Pumps are Secure? Think Again.

Payment security is a top priority for you today. With card fraud always on the move and security standards changing so often, it's hard to keep up. As the leading payment provider in the petroleum industry, Petro Pay has the experience and expertise you need to help protect your business. Read More ...

Consolidated, Online Reporting

Petro Pay offers a single source for consolidated, online authorization reporting via e-Connections. Through integration with each of the e-Connections modules - Authorization and Capture, Clearing and Settlement, Research, Reconciliation, Portfolio Reporting, Merchant Billing, Risk and more - Petro Pay delivers a robust information management and reporting solution.

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