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Petro Pay offers affiliate relationships with companies nationwide, allowing you the opportunity to offer your customers a wide variety of industry-leading payment solutions. Partnering with us adds value for your customers, strengthens your relationships with them and expands your business.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether you are a financial institution, referral and technology partner, agent or independent sales organization, we offer you a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market by helping to provide new opportunities and products to increase your bottom line. Take advantage of our guidance, innovation and experience - and profit from a long-term partnership with Petro Pay.

Meet the Needs of Petroleum Merchants

With Petro Pay, you can capitalize on these industry changes by delivering a payment processing solution that is designed to meet the unique needs of petroleum merchants. The solution not only offers pay-at-the-pump connectivity to a multitude of leading fuel terminal applications, but it also supports the most popular fleet credit cards – WrightExpress® and Voyager. It also encompasses exceptional service and support to ensure a seamless and successful roll-out to your merchants.

Your Success is Our Success

At Petro Pay, we provide fast and secure authorizations coupled with reliable uptimes and industry leading solutions to enable you to focus on your core business.

Marketing and Sales Strategy Support

Petro Pay will work closely with your sales force to ensure they are fully equipped to champion Petro Pay and succeed in the marketplace. In addition to offering product and industry training, we can also work in lockstep with you to understand the potential of your merchant portfolio and identify prime sales targets.

Dedicated Implementation Resources

Getting you and your merchants up and running with Petro Pay as quickly as possible is priority number one. A dedicated client implementation manager will partner with your organization throughout the process to ensure a seamless integration. An online merchant enrollment utility allows rapid input of boarding information that our dedicated implementation specialists use to facilitate merchant setup.

Superior Customer Service

With Petro Pay, you can count on an experienced, knowledgeable team of customer service representatives to support you and your merchants around the clock – 24x7x365. Each call is handled with diligence and care to ensure a successful and speedy resolution.

Convert Opportunities Into Profitability

The petroleum industry is ripe with revenue potential and Petro Pay is the right solution, at the right time, to help you turn opportunity into profitability. If you are seeking to enter the lucrative petroleum market, Petro Partner can help create new revenue streams by giving you an "in" with the industry's high-potential merchants. If you already service fuel-related retailers, Petro Pay offers an alternative solution from a trusted business partner.

Look No Further - Your Payments Start Here

At Petro Pay, we will work to get your merchant account approved as quickly as possible. We'll power your payments, while you power your profits. Get started with Petro Pay today!