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Petro Pay understands that petroleum retailers and convenience stores have unique needs at the point of sale that differentiate them from other retail markets. Speed of service, the ability to accept alternative payment options and building customer loyalty are just a few key concerns for business owners in this industry. Read More

Think Your Pumps are Secure?
Think Again.

Petro Pay's Secure PumpPAY powerful solution for petroleum stations, convenience stores and supermarkets that want to upgrade their existing fuel dispensers to ensure the greatest payment security for their customers and their brand. Secure PumpPAY is easy to use and easy to integrate into existing pumps and works seamlessly with everything in your fuel station.

Security of payment systems is paramount, especially where unauthorized pump access is difficult to prevent and more vulnerabilities with existing non-secure systems are emerging every day.

You need to safeguard your customers' magnetic stripe card data and PINs from being illegally captured at your pumps. Every time a pump is opened - even for legitimate reasons such as changing paper rolls or performing routine maintenance - you are at high risk of a security breach and potentially facing extensive fines, negative publicity, damage to your reputation, reduced customer confidence and lost sales.

Secure PumpPAY

  • offers TDES and PCI security
  • prevents breaches
  • protects your brand
  • protects your customers' personal data
  • ensures your business is secure
  • future proofs your investments
  • shows your customers you care
  • easily retrofits to existing pumps
  • increases in-store sales with pump promotions
  • modernizes existing fuel dispensers
  • provides added customer conveniences

Petro Pay's Secure PumpPAY is a compact, powerful solution for petroleum retailers that need to upgrade their existing fuel dispensers with a PCI approved payment solution. Secure PumpPAY supports DUKPT and the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) which is required for PCI certification and mandatory for all automated fuel dispenser card transactions since June 2010.

Secure and Reliable

  • Meets the latest PCI requirements, including encrypting PIN pad (EPP) to provide for most secure on-line and off-line PIN entry
  • Uses a manual-insert card reader with no motors or drive belts to wear out or fail, eliminating the likelihood of card jams and other problems—for enhanced reliability and reduced service time Operates in demanding outdoor petroleum / c-store environments and under a variety of adverse weather conditions
  • Incorporates a rugged keypad and hardened glass display screen to stand up to the heaviest usage

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